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Space Corduroy 5 Panel Cap Nasa Stealie Black Trucker

Space Corduroy 5 Panel Cap Nasa Stealie Black Trucker

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Introducing the "Space" Corduroy 5 Panel Cap, a stylish and versatile headwear option that seamlessly combines the iconic Stealie symbol with a playful twist on the classic NASA logo. This cap features a sleek black corduroy fabric, adding a touch of texture and sophistication to your look.

The front of the cap showcases an expertly embroidered Stealie symbol, featuring a skull within a circle, symbolizing the Grateful Dead's enduring legacy. In a creative play on the old NASA logo, the word "Dead" is boldly displayed in letters reminiscent of the iconic space agency, adding a unique and captivating element to the design.

Crafted with a comfortable and structured 5-panel construction, this cap ensures a snug and secure fit. The corduroy material offers both durability and a touch of retro charm, making it a standout accessory for any occasion. The adjustable snapback closure ensures a personalized fit, allowing you to find the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Whether you're attending a concert, embracing the spirit of the Grateful Dead, or simply adding a touch of countercultural flair to your outfit, this cap is a must-have accessory. It effortlessly combines timeless style with a nod to space exploration, making it a favorite among fans of the band and those who appreciate the intersection of music and imagination.

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